Safety instructions for the use of appliances

General: gas burning appliances.
Pazgas imports, markets and uses gas burning appliances that meet the highest standards of safety both in operation and use and that also meet the requirements of Israeli law and both Israeli and International Standards.  Regardless, it is compulsory to carefully read all the instructions before operating any new appliance and to act in strict accordance with those instructions.
The connection of a new appliance to the gas system must be done only by a qualified and certified installer who has a valid license issued by the Ministry of National Infrastructures.
It is especially important to ensure the suitability of flexible gas tubing and that the tubing is securely fastened to the safety shutoff tap and the gas appliance with the appropriate fasteners.
Care should also be taken that the tubing does not rub against moving parts and that all appliances have clear and free access to the safety shutoff tap.
Israel Standard 764 is the standard relating to this tubing.
It is mandatory to use only tubes meeting this standard.
When lighting an oven, water heater, gas burners etc. using an open flame (match or lighter) it is important to place the flame close to the head of the burner before opening the gas tap.
If the gas burner has an electronic ignition system, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
When the appliance is not working, the safety shutoff tap should be closed (wall tap).
In the event of any fault or if there is any doubt as to the appliances working order, contact the appliances supplier or a qualified gas technician.
Safety shutoff tap (wall taps) which are not connected to gas burning appliances must be kept closed.
Portable gas heaters
All use of these appliances must be in strict accordance with the manufactures usage and operation guidelines and instructions.
Before periodic use, the heating appliance must be examined to ensure that it is in full working order, and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Make sure that the flexible gas tubing is in one piece and good condition.  The flexible gas tubing must be no longer than 3 meters.
Make sure that the tubing is firmly and securely connected to the wall tap on one end and the heating appliance on the other and with the appropriate fasteners.
A gas heater should only be used in a well ventilated room.
A gas heater should never be used in a bedroom or a bathroom.
Inflammable or combustible materials must be kept well away from a gas heater.
The heater must be shut off before going to sleep.
After shutting off the heater, the safety shutoff tap (wall tap) must also be closed.
Water Heaters (Including heating appliances with a chimney)
Use of the appliance must be in strict accordance with the manufactures usage and operation guidelines and instructions.
Each appliance must be examined periodically:  gas burning appliances for water heating, heating or a combination and heating appliances with a double chimney – once a year.  Appliances with a double chimney for intake and appliances installed outside of the house or apartment – once every 5 years.  A periodic examination must be arranged according to the date on the sticker attached to the appliance.
If the date on which the appliance was due to be checked has passed or there is no sticker with a date on the appliance, a certified examiner who is also level 1 or level 2 LPT installer with a valid license issued by the Ministry of National Infrastructures must be called.
A yearly examination must be made of all chimneys and appliances used periodically – every year – prior to the first operation.