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Our quality.
  • A team of professional and experienced lecturers including gas engineers and senior gas technicians.
  • Study in small groups and get personal attention.
  • Unique study aids developed by Pazgas's Instruction Engineer.
  • Thorough preparation for the examination including comprehensive exercises.
  • Classrooms and laboratories equipped with advanced teaching aids.
Our Responsibility
  • Extra and supplementary lessons as needed.
  • A repeat course, free of charge subject to the college's conditions.
Your Comfort
  • Modern classrooms.
  • Professional laboratories for practical exercises
  • Advance multimedia equipment
  • Refreshment and a well-equipped cafeteria.
Thanks to our smile…
High levels student and graduate satisfaction.
90% of the students choose the college because we have been personally recommended by a friend or a professional.

Questions and Answers

  • A gas technician is a gas installer who has been certified, by the State, to work with gas.
    This means, that anybody operating, installing or maintaining gas systems or gas powered equipment must, according to law, to pass both a theoretical and practical examination in order to be awarded a license.by the Ministry of Energy and Water (Ministry of National Infrastructures).
    The Gas Installer Courses provides students with the theoretical knowledge needed to meet the requirements of the theoretical examination.  For those interested an additional, specialized course is also offered that prepares students for the practical examination.
  • There are many, varied employment possibilities: gas companies, gas agencies, gas contractors or being self-employed.

    There is a shortage of qualified gas technicians in Israel.  Three gas companies and numerous gas contractors' work in Israel and you can approach any of them for work.
    You can continue your studies and go on to the Level 2 Gas Installer training – an installer qualified to work in industry, agriculture and in advanced projects involving high rise buildings.
  • No, the Level 1 Gas Technicians course is an external course.
    The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry does not require any preparatory course.  However, past experience shows that the chances of passing the examination, without any prior, comprehensive and detailed preparation, are extremely low.  For example, 87% of the candidates who successfully sat the examination (in 2010) were graduates of the Technical College for Energy and Safety.
    The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor passing grades are:
    Passing grade for theoretical examination – 65
    Passing grade for practical examination – 75
  • Not necessarily….  The Technical College for Energy and Safety is part of the Pazgas group but is not involved in work placement.  However, if there is a request from a Pazgas agent of a contractor who works with Pazgas, we are always happy to recommend course graduates.
  • The process is similar to that of looking for a job.
    In Israel there are three gas companies as well as numerous gas contractors who you can contact.
  • The Level 1 Gas Technicians course only includes preparations for the theoretical examination.
    Those interested in preparing for the practical examination can register for the two day practical workshop.
  • What facilities does the college have?
    • Classrooms outfitted with advanced multi-media equipment.
    • Laboratories for practical exercises in new gas technologies and an installation and equipment lab.
    • Water heating and central heating laboratory, gas burner laboratory and an evaporator laboratory.
    • Cafeteria
    Additional questions?
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    Our address:  The Technical College for Energy and Safety
                              13 Plotitski Street, Old Industrial Area, Rishon LeTsion
    * Due to increasing demand, we are examining the possibility of opening a northern and southern branch
    If you are interested in studying in the north or the south, we'd like to know.