The Technical Institute for Energy and Safety has been operating in Israel for 10 years and strives to promote and advance energy related professions, safety and gas in Israel.  Hundreds of students go through extensive, comprehensive and absorbing training programs in a variety of subjects relating to the world of energy and safety.  Courses include Gas Installer Level 1 and 2, Transportation of Dangerous Materials, Electrician for Gas Systems and more.

We invite you to join us and to expand your knowledge and your skills in a wide range of subject areas, courses and professional workshops.
The Institute is located in an imposing building with classrooms and cutting edge labs including a laboratory for practical work, a burner lab, a water heater lab, an electrical lab and more.  The Institute also has advanced multimedia equipment and sophisticated infrastructures for the study of the unique courses.

Classes at the Institute are small and taught by the very best teachers and lecturers and students are given extra lessons whenever needed.  The pedagogical methodology used by the Institute includes hand on experience in small groups and combines the entire range of subjects studied.  This allows us to maintain a high level of study and achievement.

Most of the courses taught at the Institute are recognized by the Ministry of Labor's Senior Inspector and count towards qualification as a Safety Officer.  Additionally, the Transportation of Dangerous Materials course is recognized by the Ministry of Transport and the Electrical Service Technicians course is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.