Commercial Gas Products

Israel's commercial sector leads the economy in terms of growth, creating new jobs and creativity in developing a wide range of solutions.  In order to make commercial processes more efficient and also to increase production, Pazgas, as the market leader in the field of LPG in Israel, offers managers and owners of commercial companies technological solutions based on gas.
Energy efficiency and the savings to be gained from the use of gas infrastructures are even more apparent in the commercial sector which uses equipment and technologies based on gas.  The fact that gas is a clean and green energy source gives it an additional advantage in an era where conservation of the environment is an increasingly important issue in the public debate.
LPG offers an energy source that is safe and provides maximum efficiency.  Savings are direct in the form of operational costs and yearly production rates. 
Indirect savings are achieved by reducing the load of the electric grid and ensuring a wide range of varied activities.
The Planning, Installation and Service divisions, with a nationwide presence and immediate availability, provides your business with a guarantee that we will always be available to provide first rate solutions for your differing energy needs.  Whatever the size or scope of the company, for whatever needs, Pazgas offers consultation based on the needs of the company and which is perfectly matched to gas based infrastructures and a wide range of advanced and safe machinery.
Contact us to discover all of the many alternatives that will provide you with savings, energy efficiency solutions and help you make the move to green energy with high levels of safety.