Industrial Gas

Israel's economy demands a great deal of energy.  An energy solution that is both efficient and environmentally friendly such as advanced and sophisticated gas infrastructures is now available.  This provides a solution for all the energy needs of the industrial sector.

Pazgas specializes in the conversion of industrial complexes from the use of polluting fuels such as fuel oil or that are forced to rely on expensive electricity, to LPG – liquid petroleum gas.  LPG is an energy source capable of meeting even the heaviest energy demands; it produces no polluting emissions, no greenhouse gases and doesn't increase the load on Israel's electricity network.  LPG makes industrial production possible using cheap and clean energy.

Converting a vehicle fleet to gas power is yet another of the many solutions which exist to promote maximum energy efficiency and a significant reduction in an organizations costs.
Pazgas's teams of experienced engineers and experts provide total and constant support when converting a factory to gas:  from the initial planning stages, the development of systems that will produce the most energy at the lowest cost and including installation and initial operation at the site.  After installation, Pazgas's service division with its nationwide network of experts and technicians is available 24/7 to provide immediate solutions.

Pazgas has many years of experience in large scale projects and has converted thousands of factories in Israel to the use of gas.  We invite you to also become an environmentally friendly factory which doesn't emit pollutants and uses clean, green energy.