The energy demands of the economy are constantly growing, both in the private sector and the industrial sector.  As the demand for energy grows so to does the emission of pollutants into the environment.
LPG – liquid petroleum gas – is a clean energy source that burns with perfect efficiency and releases almost no polluting particles or gases, which add to the greenhouse effect, into the environment.  In contrast to commonly used liquid fuels such as diesel, fuel oil and petrol, LPG gas does not contaminate the atmosphere, the land or our water.
As public awareness of the importance of using green energy grows and spreads, so the use of energy based on gas as an efficient and clean solution for both domestic and industrial use, also grows.
Using gas as an energy source provides a preferable alternative to electricity which is produced through a process using liquid fuels or coal.  If we add to this the indirect costs to the economy and population resulting from air pollution and respiratory diseases as well as the damage caused to plants and animals, then a strong case is made for the use of gas as a viable and preferable energy source.
LPG is extracted from natural gas wells and then undergoes a refining process. The end product of which is the high quality gas delivered to customers.
The efficiency of LPG in relation to other fuels and electricity and the fact that a number of systems, using the same gas infrastructure, can be combined together prevents energy loss or unnecessary division to other procedures and processes.
An excellent example is a system for water heating that, at the same time, provides a solution for two needs:
Heating water and heating the home at one and the same time.  The gas system can work in synchronization with a solar system and so utilize the sun's energy to achieve maximum savings and significantly lessen the negative impact on the environment.
Pazgas specializes in green, environmentally friendly technologies and provides a wide range of advanced, quality products that offer excellent energy efficiency, advanced standards of human engineering and safety standards second to none.
Pazgas imports and installs domestic and industrial systems and specializes in the management of complex and large scale products for the conversion to LPG.
Environmental quality and a clean atmosphere result in a reduction in illness and the prevention of irreversible damage to plants and animals.
We place great importance on providing products and services that protect our environment and help us breathe clean air.  We invite you to meet our experts so that you can discover how you can turn your home into green, environmentally friendly home.