Domestic Gas

Pazgas offers domestic gas consumers the possibility of obtaining maximum energy efficiency at prices that are affordable to everybody, that allow you to significantly reduce your energy costs and become a user of clean, green energy which doesn't pollute the atmosphere and doesn't generate greenhouse gases or other pollutants.

At the same time, along with increased awareness of environmental considerations, fuel prices are increasing and the use of domestic gas as the main source of energy in Israeli households and other advanced nations around the world is also on the increase.

If, in the past, the main use for domestic gas was for cooking, then today, and thanks to new and advanced technologies, the use of gas has expanded to include a wide range of possibilities including water heating and heating the home in a process that is both efficient and economical; the use of sophisticated, gas powered domestic clothes dryers which don't eat up electricity and aren’t a burden on the power grid, the move to family cars powered by gas and much more.

Thanks to greatly increased public awareness about the need to preserve the environment and to increase the efficiency of our energy usage in the home, more and more families are moving to gas to heat their homes which integrate with existing systems, solar or other domestic systems.  At the same time, our dependency on electricity and other fuels which produce greenhouse gases also places a huge strain on Israel's electricity supply network.  Users of gas enjoy green, clean energy which doesn't release dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere, the ground or water.

Our advanced systems work in coordination with solar panels if they are installed in the home and use temperature sensors in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The water heater only starts to work when all the hot water in the water tank has been used.  The system identifies a drop in the temperature of the water  coming from the solar water heater, measures this against the demand for hot water and only then does the gas operated water heater begin to operate.

 Recent and increased ecological awareness has caused many to move over to a process that combines water and home heating in one, central system.  The system is independent, and not dependant on other residents in the building.
Sophisticated, domestic, gas powered clothes dryers also provide a significant savings in electricity costs and a considerable shortening of drying time.  This in addition to the added value of decreased costs and increased efficiency which helps us to become a green family in a home that is aware of environmental values.

By virtue of advanced technologies, easy and immediate conversion to gas and the characteristics of gas as an exceedingly environmentally friendly source of energy, every family can now put into practice the protection of the environment whilst reducing costs drastically.  We can add to this the simple procedure required to convert your car to gas with a simple system that doesn't require any changes to the vehicle but which is just a simple addition.  Simply by flicking a switch, your car's engine moves from burning petrol to gas – and back again when needed.