Commercial Gas

The move to gas based infrastructures brings with it a reduction in operating costs with an increase in energy efficiency being shown on a wide scale in the commercial gas market.  Businesses and organizations covering a wide spectrum utilize the different solutions offered by Pazgas and benefit from reduced costs, improved working conditions and the satisfaction of making a significant contribution towards environmental preservation.

Pazgas imports state of the art products of the highest possible safety standards, develops water heating and heating systems and specializes in projects of all sizes for the conversion to gas systems.  Amongst the products marketed by the company you will find advanced systems for heating water and other heating needs on an industrial scale.

Pazgas's experts assist in the integration of existing systems in order to secure maximum energy exploitation and savings for the consumer.  Pazgaz has a service network that encompasses the country and with immediate availability so that we can guarantee all types of business continuous support and quality solutions for their differing energy needs, whatever the scope required – from restaurants to hotels to laundries and a range of products for the agricultural sector.

Pazgas's experts are at your service to achieve maximum efficiency, to reduce your costs and assist you in the move to green, safe and qualitative energy.

Examples of commercial systems:
  • Instant water heaters
  • Clothes dryers
  • Heating systems
  • Solutions for the heating of open spaces, regardless of size
  • "Cascades", a system of waterfalls for the heating the required amount of water in large quantities aided by a sophisticate monitoring and control system.