LPG market over the world

From taxis in Japan, factories in Holland and towns and cities in the United States that have a strict ecological policy, LPG - Liquefied petroleum gas is considered the leader in the area of clean energy and a practical replacement for liquid and solid fuels.
 The advanced nations of the world are all signatories to the Kyoto Convention and enforce strict environmental standards.  These countries are also leading the world in the use of LPG for energy efficiency.
In Europe, as in Israel, the use of LPG is common in industry, in commerce, in agriculture and the private sector.
Principals of a clean environment are implemented at all levels whilst decreasing the emission of harmful pollutants.
 Pazgas provides a wide range of infrastructures and products based on LPG, all of which meet strict ISO standards and ensure quality and advanced safety and security for all of the products and services that the company offers its customers in both the business and the private sectors.
LPG provides solutions for an extensive and unrestricted variety of needs.  Private homes combine heating of the home and water with clothes drying with the aid of equipment that is both compact and easy to install.  Factories that have been converted to the use of gas receive benefits and relief from the countries they operate in due to the reduction or elimination of polluting agents being expelled into the atmosphere.  Businesses, located in the heart of the urban environment, succeed in maintaining the same production without creating air pollution and new buildings or older buildings that have been converted from fuel oil to gas, are awarded Green points.  Contractors are supported by the government and there is a considerable saving in energy consumption.
The ease in which it is possible to convert to domestic systems, industrial infrastructure and even car fleets to use LPG has, today, made LPG more attractive then ever before as an energy alternative.