Contributing to the Community

Community responsibility is part of Pasgas's DNA.   As part of its community responsibility, the company sees as being of great importance its involvement in projects which bring a ray of hope to populations in need or populations needing additional resources in order to reach their full potential.
For example:
  • The company is a partner in maintaining a Medical Clown project in hospitals around the country.
  • Each winter, the company donates new coats to children who otherwise would have to go without.
  • Every summer, Pasgas donates school bags and essential equipment to the same population of needy children.
  • The company supplies gas for kitchens at soup kitchens and restaurants for the needy.
  • Pazgas supplies gas to Senior Citizens in the colder parts of the country.
  • The company is a partner in maintaining special classrooms designed to meet the requirements of those with limited resources in deprived areas.
And much more…
The policy in this area is to help and assist less able populations and especially children and the elderly.
All of this is done in confidentiality and with no public relations spin.

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