About Us

PazGas is Israel's leading and largest company for the supply of gas and associated products to the private, the agricultural, the commercial and the industrial sectors.  PazGas offers its customers green, efficient and economic gas as an energy source. The company has meticulous standards of professional service and attention to the needs of its customers whilst demanding and maintaining the highest possible standards of safety and security.
Greener, cleaner, more efficient; in an era where the emphasis is increasingly being placed on environmental considerations, energy efficiency and the reduction of polluting emissions, PazGas is justifiably proud of its advanced technologies and gas based products, offering maximum efficiency and with no polluting emissions.  PazGaz has been a leader in the field for many years with large scale projects involving the installation and operation of gas based systems as well as the fast conversion of existing infrastructure in large factories to gas.
The use of gas in a wide number of applications has made the dream of a greener world a reality.  PazGas has a comprehensive, highly developed and nationwide Customer Service network and teams of highly experienced engineers and experts.  These teams are engaged in research and development and the provision of advanced solutions for the reduction of electricity consumption and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  PazGas imports and installs a wide range of the most advanced equipment in the world for maximum energy exploitation in clean and efficient processes that ensure the consumers quality of life and enjoyment.
Using gas in agriculture, in commerce and the private sector has many advantages thanks to the advanced and sophisticated systems that allow for maximum exploitation of clean energy both easily and conveniently.  From superior domestic water heating systems, gas powered vehicle fleets and the installation of future energy infrastructures for heavy industry based on green energy.